Zestaw pasowy Czajkowski v1.0 FS22


Zestaw pasowy Czajkowski v1.0 FS22
Zetaw uprawowy Czajkowski ST.
Manufacturer: Czajkowski Uprawa PasowaModels: ST300, ST450, ST600Type: Strip-Till equipmentCapacity: 3900-4900 lRequired power: 200-360 hpPrice: 103,300€ – 153,800€Working width: 3.0m – 6.0m (9.8ft – 14.8ft)Working speed: 18kph (11mph)
Czajkowski ST series aggregates for strip cultivation are machines designed for medium and large farmers area and service companies. They are characterized primarily by versatility, efficiency and
work comfort. The advanced design enables all plants to be sown at European spacing, in one pass, the aggregates are able to loosen, aerate, evenly deliver fertilizer the entire depth to 35 cm into the soil, level the surface of the field and sow the selected plant.
The off-set system used both in the cultivation section and in the compacting and leveling roller makes it possible sowing in even the most difficult conditions without the possibility of clogging the machine.
– True working pressure gauges,
– Tank fillType Configurations,
– Row Units Configurations,
– Spacing Configurations,
– “+Plus” frame Extension Configurations,
– Beacon Configurations,
– Work Lights Configurations,
– Wheels Configurations,
– Pressure gauges,
– Following the ground row units parts,
– Hydraulic control middle axis part (mouseControl),
– Openable ladders.

Credits:Siid modding

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