Volvo FH16 V1.3 FS22


Volvo FH16 V1.3 FS22
This mod is an improvement based on the FH16 from Platinum Expansion. You don’t need to own the DLC to run this mod. This mod contains 3 tractors and a truck for swap bodies.
Three major improvements. Now it has door and window opening animation, realistic airbag suspension animation, and players wear seat belt after entering the vehicle. The passenger seat also has seat belt but it is controlled by Interactive Control.
Other improvements include shadow rendering of front lights,  realistic suspension parameters, saddle animation, and new fog lights, etc
Key F switch high/low beam lights. Ctrl+F turn on/off fog lights. Num5 & 6 turn on/off work lights.
Mod support
Interactive Control
Vehicle Sleeper Cab
Attention! They are now real rear-drive tractor rather than official all-wheel drive. Please avoid driving them on rough ground.
I’m still looking forward to someone adding an equipment rack for an 8×4 tractor as an improved version and releasing it on this website
Added a truck for swap bodies (Under misc vehicle categorize) . It has three chassis configurations: 6*4, 6*2-4 taglift, 8*4-4 taglift. This truck is suitable for [Befa Shortwood Platform Pack] and [Transport Platform] by HR Forst und Fahrzeugbau. Maybe you guys could also add more body parts for it.
Added more chassis configurations for 3 axle tractor. Now it has 6×4, 6×4 taglift, 6×2/4, 6×2/4 midlift, 6×2-4, 6×2-4 taglift.
Now non lifting axles can automatically adjust their suspension height based on the action of the lifting axle.

Credits:HatsuneKid, GIANTS Software

Tags: DLCInteractive ControlPlatinum Expansion



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