Volkswagen Passat B8 2015 v1.1 FS22


Volkswagen Passat B8 2015 v1.1 FS22
Seen here, the Volkswagen Passat B8 2015!
Changelog V1.1.0.0:
Fixed the light bug on the control panel
Added passenger seats (Only available with the Kubota DLC)
Added DBS 5000
Added Comet S (beacon).
Added Comet S as fixed mount
Added VSRM skin
Added municipal skin
Added HWS (Only with the DBS 5000)
Animated doors using Simple-IC
Stadt Horn on button ‘Open cover’
Rear warning on button ‘X’ (Only with the DBS 5000)
Passenger Seats (Only available with the Kubota DLC)
Skin configuration
Civil – Carpaint
Fire brigade Waldstetten
Emergency doctor Waldstetten
Police in Waldstetten
Public Order Office Waldstetten
Customs Waldstetten
ADAC Waldstetten
Waldstetten road maintenance depot
Construction yard weaver
»Taxi Waldstetten
Blue light configuration
No facility
DBS 3000
DBS 4000
DBS 5000
Comet S permanent installation
Comet S Magnet (IC)
Blue light color configuration
” Blue
Front flasher configuration
With front flasher
Without front flasher
Recommended mods:Simple ICLicense plate manager
Kubota DLC

Credits:Modell: SoSi-Modding, Dummper Textur: SoSi-Modding

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