Production Info Hud v0.1.1 FS22


Production Info Hud v0.1.1 FS22
The first version of the productions Info Hud, known from the FS 19.
Adjustment to patch from Giants to the changed productions.
The display is still in game days.
However, it is displayed what will be empty in the next 2 months, depending on the set days per month, this is different.
Since the LS19 version was built on Global Company dialogues and methods, this first version now comes without setting options.
The first version has the following, non-customizable properties:
Display of the active productions with their remaining time
A production is only displayed if …
it has less than 72 hours remaining
it has less than 50% fill level
The display is sorted according to the remaining time, whichever runs empty or is empty first is shown at the top
Only 5 productions are shown

Credits:Script: Achimobil Idee / Konzept: Achimobil

Tags: Info HudLSmodhosterPN



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