Potato Production v1.0 FS22


Potato Production v1.0 FS22
Potato Production Potatoes can be processed into various products here
Good Morning
Today I can introduce you to my potato production.
In this production, potatoes are further processed into 3 other products.
You need the following goods for this. Potato, cardboard, empty pallet, olive oil, sunflower oil and packaging materials.
In order for the production to run, you need, among other things, a production for empty pallets.
But it doesn’t have to be that one, it can also be another one, only the filltype has to be right, namely EMPTYPALLET.
For cardboard and packaging materials you need my Production Pack MOD, this includes an oil production and the cardboard production.
The potato production only takes the boxes from my productions.
The productions have received an update and can be found here on FBM.
Everything is coordinated.
The price is 150000 euros and has a daily running cost of 150.


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