PK-1.6 v1.0 FS22


PK-1.6 v1.0 FS22
The PK-1.6 pick-up picks up hay from the swath, forms a cylindrical pile and places it on the field surface.
The main units of the pick-up stacker are: pick-up, conveyor and stacker. All units of the machine are mounted on a welded frame.
In the working position, the pick-up stacker rests on the running wheels and on the tractor hitch.
– Cost: 12.000 $;– Maximum working speed: 10km/h;– Working width: 1.6 m;– Capacity: 12.000 /20.000l;
– Choice of primary color;
– Choice of design color;
– The choice of wheels;
– Choice of guards or without;
– Choice of color of inscriptions;

Credits:- Sergey Danilenkov (Wheels) – FSSA (Transporter) – UssrModingTeam (Remake,Convert from FS-19 to 22)



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