Pallet Shop Racks For Shopping v1.1 FS22


Pallet Shop Racks For Shopping v1.1 FS22
Pallet shelves with shopping function for seeds & fertilizer, lime & road salt, mineral feed & pig feed.
Changelog (quality update)
The modDesc version has been increased
A new MOD icon has been created
Some xml corrections have been made
Some textures were recreated (textureTool)
The old farmer branding has been replaced with the new one
Two more translations (Italiano & Spanish) have been added
New glowing floor markers (TriggerMarker) have been added
The goods on pallets are products of the Landbauer Agrarbedarf brand declared in German. An empty pallet rack for storing Euro pallets or devices independently is also available for purchase.
Prices for the shopping shelves: 5.000 € / piece
Price for the empty pallet rack: €1.000
Maintenance costs per day: 1 €
Found in-game under (Shopping Shelves): Build / Buildings / Containers
Found in-game under (empty shelf): Build / Decoration / Miscellaneous
Rotation with grid function when building
The shopping shelves used custom farmer icons
Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Spanish, Polski
Support and further information is only available from FBM at
MOD file size: 3.78 MB

Credits:Giants Software GmbH (Spieleentwickler) Forbidden-Mods (Publisher) Landbauer (3D Artist & Ingame) BlackRaccoon (MOD-Tester) Thorsten73 (MOD-Tester)

Tags: Build Decoration MiscellaneousFBMLanguages DeutschMOD



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