Multifermenter Revamp Edition v1.0 FS22


Multifermenter Revamp Edition v1.0 FS22
The mod includes a fermentor in which chopped material, grass, potatoes, and biomaterial can be fermented into silage.
Production can be boosted with silage additives.
Revamp or newer is required to use this mod and enjoy the benefits of the Revamp script, e.g. the respective filling levels can be read directly from digital displays.
Construction costs: 120000 €
Cycles per month: 864
Cost per cycle: €5
Capacity: 10000000L per fill type
The biomaterial can later be picked up as a waste product in productions that are still appearing.
Lamps can be switched on and displays or markings can be shown at switches on the power box and on the discharge chute.

Credits:Zoddel Zockt

Tags: production



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