MTZ-82UK v1.3 FS22


MTZ-82UK v1.3 FS22
– Fixed the speculars of the hood and counterweight;
– Added receiver and tool box to MTZ UK;
– Replaced the bumper with a counterweight for MTZ with a small cab;
– Decal configuration with wings, 4 views on MTZ UK.
– Power: 81-105 hp (depending on the engine);– Speed: 35 km/h;– Volume of a fuel tank: 120 l.;– Cost: 40000-45000 €;
– Choice of primary color;
– Choice of design color;
– Choice of rim color;
– Front linkage / counterweight configuration;
– Hood configuration + lights;
– Wing configuration + decal;
– Front loader configuration;
– Engine configuration;
– Configuration state. numbers;
– Wheel configuration;
– Opens the hatch, doors, rear window, hood;
– Adjustable hitch;
– Dynamic hoses;
– Animated instruments, steering column, pedals, cooling fan, pulleys, ignition key;
– Working lighting equipment;
– Working mirrors;
– Leaves traces;
– Dirty and washable;
– Includes front loader;
– Replaced engine sounds with D-240;
– Completely replaced and prescribed lighting fixtures;
– The gearbox is registered from a real tractor;
– The log is clean!


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