Landbauer G3 v1.0 FS22


Landbauer G3 v1.0 FS22
The Landbauer G3 is a modern glass carport. The frame is metal, the roof and exterior walls are smoked glass with UV protection, and the base is cobblestone with curbs. It offers enough space for 3 large machines or vehicles. The Landbauer G3 belongs to the building series “Modern architecture in agriculture”.
● Landbauer G3
● Purchase price: €59,995
● Maintenance costs: 15 € / day
● Shop Category: Build / Buildings / Halls
● Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Spanish, Polski
● Support and further information is only available from FBM.
● File size of MOD: 3.22 MB

Credits:Giants Software GmbH (Spieleentwickler) Forbidden-Mods (Publisher) Landbauer (3D Artist & Ingame) BlackRacoon (MOD-Tester) Thorsten73 (MOD-Tester)

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