Krone Pack v1.4 FS22


Krone Pack v1.4 FS22
Version 1.4
Sterring Axle for Truck
Autoload for Roundbales
Version 1.3
Fixed lamp bracket
Added new trailer
Version 1.2
Lights fixed
Added lamp configuration
The models were all equipped with autoload.
You can load 12 or 24 pallets.
Can be set via configuration.
All the functions of the Profiliner are included.
The autoload mod from Achimobil is absolutely necessary
Thanks to Pascal from BDModding for the lamps and lamp brackets.
Suggestions, errors or other abnormalities are welcome and will then be taken into account or rectified. LOG is free of errors
The mod may be uploaded to other websites. As long as the original link is used!

Credits:Idee: EWW_Bobo, BigDaddy Umsetzung: EWW_Bobo Trailer Chassis: Alfredix Trailer Konvertierung: EWW_Bobo Unterstützer: BigDaddy, Achimobil, Pepperonie Lampen und Lampenbügel: BDModding

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