Kemper 445 / Champion 4500 v1.0 FS22


Kemper 445 / Champion 4500 v1.0 FS22
Kemper 445 or Champion 4500
– Price: 40 000€
– Required Power: 350-450 hp
– Working width: 4.5m
– Working speed: 11/12 km/h but you can change in cruise control
– Foldable for transport
– Decals cofiguration (445 or Champion 4500)
– Attachment: for this first version you have only Claas attachement.
You really need to download our Claas Jaguar 800 Pack to work with this mod
This maize header was originally designed just for our Claas forage harvesters pack, over time and in a future update we hope to present you with the couplings for all other machines.
We hope you like the mod!
Required modsClaas Jaguar 800 Pack

Credits:MM JA NE Modding

Tags: Claas Jaguarharvesters



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