John Deere 1790 v1.0 FS22


John Deere 1790 v1.0 FS22
Corn and bean farmers, rejoice. The 1790 us quite possibly the most effective planter in the industry, offering superior split-row performance that’s unmatched.
Plant on two row spacings: the front rank of row units is on 30-inch spacings, while the back rank of row units is on 30-inch spacings, as well, but offset from the front tank to provide a 15-inch spacing pattern. This highly proficient planter fills the need of corn and soybean growers in variety ways. Thanks to the CCS seed delivery, you can enjoy the productivity of bulk fill that serves up to 100 bushels of seed capacity. There’s also the 12-foot narrow transport that crunches all this big production down to a more manageable unit to move from one place to the next.
This piece of kit is the first mod i’ve made, it runs kinda hard on lower end computers since the model is 1 500 000 poly but i tried my best to keep it as low as i could while still maintaining high details. Most of this mod was made by me but i do have to give some credit to some people for parts i have used. It’s all error free except for 1 warning which i cannot fix.
Credit goes to:
– Smeby (OS Farms) for the fertilizer tank
– JHHG modding for the row cleaners
– BWR Farms (RoSs)
– Working width: 12m / 40ft
– Speed: 12kph / 7mph
– Base price: $76410
– Aircharger: 2 designs
– Fertilizer pump: John Blue LM-2455JD
– Marker
– Weight bracket
– Full weights
– Yetter row cleaner
– Starfire 3000 or 6000
– Refuge Pus
– Fertilizer tank

Credits:BWR Farms

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