John Deere 1775NT Multifrucht v1.0.2 FS22


John Deere 1775NT Multifrucht v1.0.2 FS22
This is a John Deere 1775NT precision seeder converted to multi-crop. Multifruit here means
Entry for the fruits of the premium DLC added. Second version of the machine added,
which only controls the fruits of the premium DLC, but creates the right seed substrate in the form of the dams.
variable seed tank size from standard 3524 to XXL 50,000 liters,
increased working speed 20 km/h,
Working width slightly reduced for helpers so that fewer gaps remain,
Repair interval extended,
Choice of colors for frame, tanks and rims
All fruits can be sown with this machine, which are entered in the corresponding categories of the map.
Since potatoes, for example, only appear in these categories in very few cases, this machine will only produce potatoes can be planted if the map creator enters them into one of the seed categories.
The seed drill offers a variable seed tank from the original 3524 liters to 7500, 15000 up to 50000 liters.
It is capable of direct seeding and can sow at up to 20 km/h.
The working width of 17.8 meters was reduced to 17.60 meters for helpers in order to avoid errors when sawing.
In addition to an extended repair interval, the machine also offers a complete choice of colors for the chassis, seed tank and rims.


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