JCB Fastrac 4420 Agravis v2.1 FS22


JCB Fastrac 4420 Agravis v2.1 FS22
JCB 4220 Agravis Auction ‘s Set
The “set” includes
A JCB 4220 with various preselected design options as well as a matching Quicke Q88 front loader.
What can the JCB change besides its design and decals?
– Isaria System – isariaProCompact
– Tire selection
– SIC for windows and doors
– FL console with front guard to match Quicke 88 by Puma
– Müller terminal retrofitted
– Model partially edited / modified
– different decals ( Agravis Mietpark Meppen as well as Agravis )
– The front loader can be selected either in plain black or depending on the vehicle design
Among others, he has many design configs that are based on the designs of the Agravis Mietpark Meppen .
( After consultation with Mr. Gostmann of the Agravis Meppen, which has also allowed me to use the Schriftzuege. ) .
He has a few Configs so are not from the Agravis Mietpark Meppen ( what is not can still be xd ), but a little artistic license must be allowed for a game .
A big thanks to all the testers and helpers who participated
and a big thank you to Mr. Gostman from Agravis Meppen for all the information
as well as for the permission to use the decals / lettering Agravis Mietpark Meppen as well as Agravis Mietpark .de.
The download link is ORIGINAL only if it is a NON Profit link at Workupload!

Credits:Butters Tuning Forge / BTS
[SLM] Glumpii
Bungler – Garage
Puma ( front loader approval is available )

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