Ford 8n tuned v1.0 FS22


Ford 8n tuned v1.0 FS22
​Some time ago, there was picture of a modified tractor like that going around on facebook, me as I am, always doing sketchy stupid things as mod, got really inspired to do something similar lol, so here it is !!! Yes, I started it last night, it’s a cheap model wich isn’t that bad nor that great, but who care anyway, given what it’s gona be used for, it’s perfect haha! So the engine is a twin turbo LS out of a camaro from csr2, I recorded the sound from forza horizon 5, for some reason it bug a bit, no idea why, I used the looping tool from giant and didn’t have any warning or error, it is loud, it’s not a stock tractor, it sound like a pulling tractor at full throttle, so yeah, have fun !


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