Fendt 1000 Vario SE v1.0 FS22


Fendt 1000 Vario SE v1.0 FS22
This is the 1000 Vario Special Edition.
The Vario SE comes with a soft, supple leather enhanced interior. Including, a leather wrapped steering wheel,
leather seat and leather jump seat, and plush leather arm rests.
A look around the cabin you will find the new hand laid hand sewn fabric roof.
The cabin colors have been changed to dark gray and black to accent the leather and ease eye strain.
Exterior on the Vario SE comes with many changes as well. The base has been changed to Fendt black (instead of gray).
With the Vario SE you have many color options for the tractor body and the grill.
Some of the other options included in the Vario SE are:
Narrow or Wide mud guard option
Multiple rim color options
Additional chip tuned engine for additional horse power.
Special Edition Trelleborg ‘Chunky’ tires.
Lower PSI for additional traction
Special Edition BKT ‘Chunky’ tires.
Lower PSI for additional traction
Vario SE Prices:1038 SE: $329,000 (396hp)1042 SE: $347,000 (435hp)1046 SE: $358,000 (476hp)1050 SE: $367,000 (517hp)1050 SE Chip: $369,000 (587hp) Chip tuned

Credits:GIANTS, F4 Mods

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