Elmcreek Extension Modded v1.0 FS22


Elmcreek Extension Modded v1.0 FS22
Updated prices rp server.
The Elmcreek Extension
The original Elmcreek twice as big
3 Saw mills
3 BGA’s
All of the original buy/sell points plus many more
LOTS of forest lands for logging
161 Fields
173 Purchasable properties
All placeables are sellable
Pre-built farms ready for use
Train now circles the map and is free to use
Lots, lots, more!
This is a must see map! If you enjoy the original Elmcreek, you are really going to like this. Please be aware that this is a beta release version. I fixed all the issues I was aware of but there may still be some things I missed. If you find any issues or errors that need to be fixed, please report them to me here at Modhub.us and I will push out the changes in a future update.

Credits:Bauer Brown

Tags: bgaLOTS



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