Corner Shed v1.0 FS22


Corner Shed v1.0 FS22
Who still knows it back from FS19? The corner stable of Giants? I think some might be.
But have you ever wondered what it might look like inside the corner stable of Giants?
Yes, I did too, so I thought about how it could look like and rebuilt him. Previously, there was a cowshed housed, this has since been gutted and now serves as a workshop for the machines of the farm. In the outbuilding machines and equipment find their place.
The pack includes two versions:
Without solar system:
Purchase price: 100.000$
Maintenance costs: 150 $/day
With solar system:
Purchase price: 152.000$
Maintenance costs: 150 $/day
Daily income: 250 $/day
Workshop trigger in the former cowshed
All gates to open.
Authentic decoration
Seasons Ready


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