Belarus 82 + Dutra D4K-B + Raba Steiger v1.0 FS22


Belarus 82 + Dutra D4K-B + Raba Steiger v1.0 FS22
1. Belarus 82
2. Dutra D4K-B
The Dutra D4K-B was a four-wheel drive tractor manufactured by the Hungarian tractor factory “Red Star”. Originally equipped with a Csepel 613.15 with a displacement of 7.9 l and 90 hp. Further variants for England with a 110 hp Perkins engine and later a Steyr Dutra with 105 hp.
3. Rába-Steiger Series
Price: $110,000.- (+ configurations)
Top Speed: 25 kph
Engine configurations: 245, 250, 280, 320 hp
Color variations
Selectable wheel configurations
Different types of decals
changelog v1.1.0.0:
bug fixed, 2 Leveler
changelog v1.2.0.0:
Sprayer + SprayerTank

Credits:Mr.Dinamit88, TherÖcsy, Bear Farm, Petya20, MrDinamit88/Banános Joe Modding/ Fast Neubau LS Modelle

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