FS22 Maps

Maps are game areas in Farming Simulator 22. Each map contains fields and other locations. In FS 22, players will be introduced to two completely new areas. Maps can be explored by tearing off new areas for themselves and making them part of their farm. Thus, exploring the map is one way to expand your farm. You can explore the maps either alone or in multiplayer mode. In Farming Simulator 22 maps give the player complete freedom of choice, so the planning and success of your farm is entirely in your hands!

Buhalovo Map v0.0.0.2 FS22

Buhalovo Map v0.0.0.2 FS22 Fixed bugs; Lost buildings removed; Fixed problem with animals; Optimization of the archive weight; Fixed unloading of straw and other things on the 3rd field; Added...

FS22 Flat Lands 4X v1.0 FS22

FS22 Flat Lands 4X v1.0 FS22 Simple flat map with large fields, all production and a few sell locations, main roads, playable… ...

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