YARD IMPROVEMENT AND AN EGGCELLANT INCOME | Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron | Episode 25


Welcome back to my very first Farming Simulator 22 let’s play on Haut-Beyleron

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This was sent to me by Giants Software in return for my let’s plays ( I am not being paid by the company to produce them)
Please note this is an early access copy and the game is likely to change/be patched prior to release.

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. Hey Daggerwin.
    You can sell some of your chickens when the pen is full, and earn extra money that way.
    Goes for all breeding animals.
    If you keep the pen full, they cant breed more for you to sell..
    have a nice day all..

  2. Hey daggerwin not sure if you'll see this because im pretty late to the video but though glitched stones can be picked up if you get a worker to do it. You may need to mess around by turning stones back on, maybe re-ploughing the ground but I had the same problem and the worker can do it!

  3. There is actually a bug with harvesting contracts, they just disappear from the contract list. I get that will all contracts on haut bayleron right now, super annoying and there is actually a tread on Reddit for all issues with fs22 right Now since these are some bugs from the technical preview. Still giants has not been solving all these issues which more or less made me go back to fs19, ruined alot of game play for me with fs22. Graphics are nice and all but the huge issues not bi
    Wing actively solved just breaks it for me. Fs19 was a lot more polished at release than this.

  4. Hey Daggerwin, no, that contract you accepted disappearing wasn't bad luck or being right on the edge of it disappearing or anything. It's a glitch. I've had it happen so many times, for me it seems to be 50/50 weather I actually get a contract or not. Fertilizing contracts seem to be the worst for disappearing on me, not sure if that's just coincidence that it always seems to be fertilizing contracts (I do tend to pick them more than any others, since they're pretty easy money, so that would certainly bias my observation) but yes, it's a pain.


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