WOW LOOK AT FS22 NOW! – Garage Trailer | Farming Simulator 22


Look at the graphics and machines in Farming Simulator 22

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  1. Hello ALL, what do you think guys about the season pass for FS22?? is not Giants Sofware doing bad putting expansions by payments? it is not looks like they will sell another unfinished game? i am cincerelly thinking in not buy it till end of 2022! customers have to do something to this respect. This companies get a lot of money and the modders are doing the best work i think!! well could you reply to me please Daggerwin?

  2. Lighting (world and on machines) looks really good. Looks very much like you can have in 19 with the "FS19_Overhaul of light system" mod. Of course the sky looks a little better in 22, but still those "flat clouds", wish they brought sky back from 17.
    I like how it looks like the tires are actually sinking into ground (even though they dont).

  3. I'm really disappointed, to me it seems like a reskin of 2019… if you do not have a 3000USD right to run this game, I dont think we will get alot out of it.. I hoped for dynamic mud gravel with dust particles etc, but I guess that's years ahead still…

  4. I’m not sure but it looks like we might be getting manual transmissions, thank God. So we’re not driving CVT all the time. And I do own a 1996 Polaris 6×6 that has a CVT, very nice vehicle until you try to tow something heavy.

  5. There's an older Versatile 4 wheel drive in the big group shot, that's gonna make Farmhand Mike happy. Curious about what appears to be a light blue colored sprayer in that group, can't make out the brand.

  6. Would just like to say, I’ve been casually playing farming simulator since 2008, started modding in 2009 until I grew up around 2013 time.

    What a series, what a community, what a game. Keep it coming Giants really excited for this one!

  7. I live close to the Belgian New Holland plant where their combines, balers and foragers are developed and produced. Yesterday I saw two trucks with a grape picking machine going to the plant. I wouldn't have known what they were if it hadn't been for your channel…


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