Working with FIRST MODS in Farming Simulator 22


New Farming Simulator 22 video, we are working with the first mods of Farming Simulator 22.


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  1. Nice work.Why can't giants do it right in the first place. Black mesh grilles look like a painted metal plate from a distance i hate that.
    Not even from that far really and clearly noticeable.Yesterday i tried the New Holland W190D from the modhub and that one does not have this issue the mesh grille stays visible from a pretty good distance away,more like it would be irl.
    Still very much dislike the sound and steep rpm drops when just slowing down a bit it sounds like the engine is pooping itself lol.This happens with all vehicles it tried everything it's how the game engine now handles the sound.Don't know if modders will be able do to something about that.Crackling sound is another issue.I thought maybe it was latency so I tried a low latency usb dac but that didn't do anything.Many issues will never be fixed,just like with all previous fs versions,sadly.

  2. Hi ich habe im letzten LS wirklich viele von euren mods gespielt aber ich konnte einige auch nicht downloaden da ich auf eine webseite weitergeleitet werde die mein pc nicht tolleriert da dort viren vorkommen sollen, ich hoffe das ihr das fixxen könnte thx.


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