WINTER TIME ON THE FARM | Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron | Episode 5


Welcome back to my very first Farming Simulator 22 let’s play on Haut-Beyleron

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This was sent to me by Giants Software in return for my let’s plays ( I am not being paid by the company to produce them)
Please note this is an early access copy and the game is likely to change/be patched prior to release.

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. You know what bees do in the winter? They actually kill all of the male bees by forcing them outside so there’s enough room inside for all the worker (female) bees to stay warm. Then they huddle together around the Queen and stay warm. If you go to a hive after the first freeze, you’ll find a pile of dead male bees on the ground.


  2. You shouldn't have skipped the winter months, there's always something to do at a farm in the wintertime, think about cutting trees, putting the logs in the trailer and sell them…. what a waste of gameplay.


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