WHY USE MINERAL FEED?? – Farming Simulator 22


This video will look at why you should use mineral feed in feeding cows in Farming Simulator 22.

Test Results:

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  1. I just tested a hunch. I was wondering if it worked like Silage Additive. I set up 2 mixers, 1 mixer with just straw, hay and silage, and another identical one with mineral feed added to the same exact mix. The difference between them was exactly the amount of mineral feed I added. I added 350L of MF I got 350L more TMR. Wonder if this is a bug and it was intended to work the same as silage additive and add 5% volume. But as it stands now, there is no need to add Mineral Feed unless the mixer requires it.

  2. Thanks, I did my own testing on my channel and also came to exactly the same conclusions. I was sure I made a mistake so it's good to have confirmation. 👍👍 I think Giant's put it in as a money sink. Or they put it in like "silage" additive, but never implemented it.

  3. Seems like Giants needs to change something there. So for now don't waste your money on mineral feed basically. And if you want to be in the milk business buy pastures, not barns, are the two take aways here.

  4. I had the same results with the mineral feed. Oddly enough if you don’t empty the slurry tank (stock tank that comes with the cow barn) when it at full capacity, the milk production goes down.

    Thanks for the test video.👍

  5. Thanks for this test video. So far all I have found, myself, is the robot auto feed needs it to work. If that may be the case, I would rather save money and just buy the regular large cow barn. There are some instances on big mod maps like Ferme Beyleron I don't have a lot of time to spend on cows so I use it. But in normal game play, I can't justify something that big and expensive.

  6. This is what I assumed as there is no way to keep track if it has or does not have mineral feed, as there is only ONE type of TMR when dumped. It can't be modded easily as mix ratios are no longer in mod xml files for implements (of course they are for productions however). I'm hoping the Maize Plus guys figure out how to mod this stuff soon, personally I think MF should be mandatory, but I hate the fact you can easily and accidently put in too much turning your entire TMR mix into forage.

  7. Thanks for doing this video, very informative. I'm trying to do a realistic (ish) play-through of Calmsden and bought the TMR factory that produces TMR and pig feed. It definitely lists Mineral Feed as one of the ingredients to produce TMR and don't think it will work without it. Pity as this is expensive to buy. There is a lime factory MOC that produces lime from stone. It would be cool if they produced the Mineral Feed in small quantities as a by-product of lime production seeing as Mineral Feed is essentially calcium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorus. If you were on the coast (by the sea) could have a de-sal plant to provide stored water and sodium, and maybe a Mineral Feed factory where you had to mine for the other ingredients.

  8. Cattle seems to be very simplistic implementation. I did a feed test comparison 3 barns: grass, hay, TMR for 36 months. You need TMR for milk (and it produces more slurry), so for beef hay is sufficient. Grass sucks – no calves, poor value, etc – but if you switch from grass to hay, the value immediately jumps to the same value as cows fed hay since birth, there's no lag in value or other productions.

  9. Like you I have done a lot of extensive testing in the game and mostly on animals. I’m glad to see that you came up with the same results. The next thing on my list to test is whether or not silage additive makes the TMR last longer. I’ve heard several people mention this. I’m looking forward to see what your results are for the water and straw and see if it’s the same as mine.

  10. I was making batches of TMR and dumping them in a silo all at once. I made some batches with Mineral and some without but the silo accepted it as the same thing, so I was wondering how it would determine the difference. Thanks for clearing that up

  11. Why is it that the leveling landscaping tool seem so off in the way it works I'm trying to level some areas so they are the same as the area on the side of the street? And why do some fields worked the same way have different yields just curious in case someone knows


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