WHICH TRACTOR DID I BUY? | Survival Challenge | Farming Simulator 22 – EP 4


Welcome to a BRAND NEW SERIES of Survival Challenge for Farming Simulator 22

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Kramer KL 200

Isaria Drill

PLN Plows

Lemken D24

Alien Jim’s Packages

John Deere 1630

John Deere 6300

Classic 2 Row Planter

Small PH Sugar Beet Harvester

3M Lizard Fertilizer Spreader

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. Please don’t listen to those people that are rude. I really love your videos like your the reason I got back to playing farming simulator and I’m so proud of my self please keep up your hard work and please don’t stop making videos I will be so sad if you do.

  2. I looked up Home made Drum weights on mod hub to suggest them as they look nice and cheap for this series but they ended up being about the price as the normal weights. then I watched him buy a weight anyways so the suggestion is no-longer even required

  3. Found myself raising my hands when you accidentally bought the wheels rather than the front loader before you made reference to it!

    I love your content, often forget to comment as I watch on my TV but you’re a brilliant content creator. Makes for a really nice and relaxing day for me to hang out.

  4. Please remember Daggerwin when you need to use water on any food types you will need to pay for clean fresh water not dirty lake water that would be illegal and unsafe

  5. what mods does daggerwin use for the money edits and super strength?
    btw I watch all the series you produce both my toddler and I enjoy them very much 🙂

  6. Daggerwin, Is there a way to configure a quicke loader onto the John Deere 6300. I think that would be a more cost effective solution compared to buying a John Deere brand loader. Cheers mate, keep up the great videos, I watch them all while I play FS

  7. Love the new JD tractor and yes it's much better than the small "hard working" tractor and yard also taking shape very nicely now with all the implements can wait to see how many we make off the first crop and yes enjoying series very much so far tx daggerwin

  8. Hello I really do enjoy your videos. They need to make it possible to move other cars and trucks on the road out of the way. And it would be nice if they had other people even if it was the game just walking around and randomly saying things


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