What you need to know about Rocks in Farming Simulator 22


Rocks are new to Farming Simulator 22 and this video will go over what you need to know about collecting rocks in FS22. In a previous video we saw how rocks are formed or brought to the surface. There are two main ways to get rid of the stones once they appear but ultimatly it depends on the size of the rocks more than anything else.

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  1. One thing that I discovered purely by accident. If you cultivate a field, then spray lime before you pick up the stones, then you cannot pick them up. Once they're covered in lime, they're there until after you harvest!

  2. My question is: is there a finite amount of stone in a field(ie: after several seasons of picking stone you remove all of the stones for ever), or does a new crop of stones grow every season (ie: you will never get rid of all the stones)?

  3. I love the rocks (once they get the implements / field mask issues sorted at least). It adds a nice bit of work and planning variety when you swap between cultivation and periodic plowing.

  4. Rocks SUCK!!!! That’s why it needs to be in game. IRL you break a shank or eat one in the combine it could cost you hours or days to get right again. I wish Giants would model break downs that makes the equipment unusable until repaired and, of course, it happens Saturday evening when you can’t get parts till Monday morning. UGH!! (Evil grin)


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