What you need to know about Horses in Farming Simulator 22


First introduced in Farming Simulator 19 horses have changed a bit from then to now in Farming Simulator 22. This video will walk you through everything you need to know to care for horses in Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. I completely agree on the riding mechanics. The collision box and jumping for the horse are terrible, way worse than FS19. I really hope they fix this. The food source is annoying, but not as bad as the riding. There really should be a feed trough for grain and a separate feeder for hay. I also hope to see the first person camera return soon so I don't have to see that fake jumping animation.

  2. I have a feeling that this time around horses are going to be a thing you do because you want to be able to ride horses, not a major profit center, the labor per dollar is much higher for them than for chickens but I suppose that's reflective of reality. I think in this case because it's possible to leave bales just sitting on the trigger what you could do if you accidentally filled up a horse pen to 100% with oats is just leave a hay bale sitting on the trigger and any room the horses create in the trough will automatically be filled, they eat a liter of oats and that liter gets refilled with hay right away.

  3. Thank you so much for these great videos! You have helped me so much in getting started with FS22. I never played FS at all until last week. I love the game so much. I spent this evening exploring the campgrounds and finding several collectibles! It is fun to explore during breaks from planting & harvesting, etc. Now that I watched this video, I am buying horses tomorrow! Thanks again!

  4. Seriously, you're the single most reliable source for FS, especially 22

    Everyone else is just blindlessly praising and lauding this … release … in ALL of their videos, especially making sure to not show bugs(cutting bugs out

    You'Re the only one, showing and speaking about them, not giving just blind praise

    Thanks a lot for that dude =)

  5. If I would have knew that they are not worth the same as in FS19 I would have never done them.
    They used to be worth 50k fully maxed, and now only 2k?? I was expecting maybe 10k or 20k, as 50k is a lot. but 2k?? realy ??
    How am I supposed to be making money with them? After I bough the pickup-truck, the trailer, the pasture, the food, and the horses. I will never make that money back lol they need to fix this

  6. The big bag holder always glitches me out and prevents me from leaving or moving my tractor, and I just get stuck and have to restart the game. So beware of using that if you're unlucky like me.

  7. not sure about horses but my cows have been sitting at 100% productivity and health on just tmr, i don't think you NEED to use both food types. mind you, thats cows, as i said im not sure about horses (have not yet done horses in 22)


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