What you need to know about Fieldwork in Farming Simulator 22


There are now seven different ways to work your soil post harvest. This video will walk you through each of them and why you might choose one over another as well as what the side affects might be as far as weeds or stones go.

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  1. I use either a plow or sub-soiler for plowing, then a shallow cultivator because they are much wider, then I always roll after seeding then spray right away as sort of a pre-emergent and I never get any late weeds. I usually purchase seeders where the fertilization can be turned off so I do not have to refill the seeds so often and finally while I have messed with all of the various forms of fertilizer I mainly use two kinds, standard fertilizer which i put down right after seeding and later in the harvest when the plants are out of the ground a liquid fertilizer. To make this go a little easierI always add a refill station somewhere on the farm and also one of the mods that adds silos that accept everything so I can switch my spreaders and sprayers between lime, fertilizer, herbicide and liquid fertilizer.

  2. I wish someone would explain WHY one would use a spades or subsoiled vs a plow or why someone would go shallow vs standard cultivation and why one would want to use a power harrow, vs disk harrow vs shallow cultivator. Seems like a lot of these tools do exactly the same thing without much reason to use one over another.

  3. Wow so throughout this entire video I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t just use the plow the entire time because the rest of them are all crap they either produce weeds or too big of rocks which means you have to do two other steps or three other steps for it to actually do what you want it to do

  4. Fields that are plowed don't grow weeds.. I'd like to know what magical farm the guys who make farm sim live on. Shallow cultivation brings less weed seeds up. No till planting is common with corn and beans and many crops… you sure as hell don't need to plow. I just settle on "it's just a game" mind set. It certainly isn't realistic as far as how feildwork actually affects crop growth. Irl it's primarily soil type, fertility, biology, and weather related. Overworking the soil via tillage causes the biology to burn through the carbon Bank faster which as of now big ag has no way of feasibly replacing properly other than cover cropping which most equipment isn't developed to work in. They just want to sell more chemicals many of which harm the soil biology making less nutrients available and the soil less healthy, in turn making the crops more secceptible to stress via insects/weather etc. In turn making them think they need more chemicals, costing farmers more money.

  5. I don't get the stones in the field thing. I come from a agrocultural area and no fields have stones. You would figure after the fields were cultivated by decades all the stuff like that is already removed from the soil.

  6. What works best for me is I get a seeder or planter that can also do the direct seeding without needing any kind of plowing or cultivating. I only plow when it says it’s needed.

  7. Routine 1:Stubble removal>lime> plowing> Rolling(leaves in cultivated state and pushes down stones)>Drilling>fertilizing>second layer of fertizer

    Routine two: Stubble removal>lime>plowing>stone collecting>cultivate>fertilize>sowing>second layer of fertilizer.


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