What you need to know about Cows in Farming Simulator 22


Cows are mostly unchanged from FS19 but there are some interesting differences that you should be aware of and one really cool addition in the feeding robot. This video will walk you through all that you need to know to keep cows on your farm.

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  1. The barn with feeding robot will accept hay/straw bails. You have to have them on the ground or trailer outside the bay. If the bails are inside the limits of the building, it will not be accepted.

  2. Do you know what "Klein" means in German?
    P.S. I have one of your road bikes from 1992, it super sweet! Thanks
    P.S.S. Cow Pasture: The Hay did not go down 7,996L is the same as before. TMR went from 3,253L to 2,952L. So they only consumed the TMR.

  3. So what's straw for then?…. Not having it in there hasn't effected my cows health or productivity at all…..
    Maybe it has to do with manure producing, without it maybe you produce no manure. If that's the case, I wonder is slurry produces faster without straw?….

  4. Anyone know what the red light means that turns on in the animal sheds? I have sheep and every once in awhile a red light appears under the shed. There are no wool bales there, so I don't know what it means… the sheep had full food too. Anyone?

  5. Be sticking with 19 for now. This should be a premium game for the price they are charging. So far it seems like a bugfest for the early adopters.
    Thanks for taking the time to make these videos.

  6. This comment is about sheep. Sorry it's on the wrong video. In respect to the difference of manure produced in different barns with different cow breeds, I did a test with the sheep, (hopefully you haven't addressed this yet) but they produce different quantities of Wool per breed.
    The Black sheep is the top supplier
    The Brown came in second
    The White & the White w/Black spots produced the least but also the same amount.
    Hopefully this was helpful.
    As always Farmer K, Thank You for the videos and your time.
    Stay Safe & FARM ON!!

  7. Hey all, any idea yet what happens with the production side of things once a pen/pasture is at max capacity? Do they just stop producing? Also, if I were to but a 2nd pasture would I be able to move my cows from the first one into the second or would that require an animal trailer to load them up then drive the short distance to drop them off in the new pasture?

  8. So if you use the straw to boost animal health does it still create slurry or is it like in 19 and as soon as you put straw in they stop producing slurry and only produce manure? Thanks for the helpful videos I watch many of these lol theyve helped me a lot over the years

  9. As your video shows; cows with TMR available will not eat either grass or hay. Add any grass or hay and you have permanently reduced the capacity to hold TMR. The only way to get rid of the hay is to let the TMR run out, then they will eat hay. Next they have to finish eating all the hay before the will eat grass. After all the grass and hay are gone, you can put TMR back in and fill to max capacity.

  10. The feed are tiring, because if you want grass, hay and tmr, you need to divide it 3 times, so you get as much h of everything..
    And I think the shed should take straw from the silos at the back, since we are loading it back there anyway, atleast in the automated shed…

  11. I have found that the Bakery will not take a full load of milk, the first time it took 7000L of 8000L load and then the 2nd time it only would take 1000L. I don't own it just selling. Has anyone else experienced this?


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