What Can We Expect When Farming Simulator 22 Launches?


I thought I’d take a look at some of the things that might happen once FS22 launches on 22nd November 2021.
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What Can We Expect When Farming Simulator 22 Launches?

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  1. Expect disappointment…. They really didn't do much with the game, to me it looks like a re-skinned FS19 with slightly better graphics, some small changes to small things, NO dynamic ground, NK dynamic gravel/dust or exhaust, terrible ground meshes and textures, fill types animations are still like a fart from the older days, and the over all feel are just bad… Sorry guys, but led lights and smaller changes doesn't cut it for that price of the game… It's a shame, they could've done so much more, but it's all about the money, Giant went into FS22 half-assed…

  2. Well, I’m definitely pre-ordering FS22, and I will definitely be playing as soon as it comes out, as I intend on bringing over my first mod-map I’m making ASAP depending on how difficult converting mod-maps are. (Videos of which are available on my channel)
    But I’m going to still play FS19 till some of my Go-two machines are converted over (and done PROPERLY none of those un-finished converts)
    But the way the game looks, feels and the amount of vehicles seen I feel is AWESOME

  3. I have preordered FS22 (incl season pass), but I expect that most of my gameplay will be still in FS19. I will probably do some quick short session in FS22 to get a handle of the game…

    But I at least have to wait until Sim Dashboard brings out there FS22 plugin for telemetry. I've created an dashboard of my own based on the SDB telemetry app. However instead of directly sending the telemetry to my android device, I first send it to my own application (which drives some hardware components) and forwards the information to two android devices (one dashboard and one button box). In my own dashboard app I can assign views to vehicles (which at this moment is not possible in Sim Dashboard), so if I enter a JD tractor I get a JD dashboard, but if I enter a Case tractor, I see a different view. I can also attach views bases on implements attached to the main vehicle like bailers, seeders or plows. The only thing that I miss is an auto detector, I have to cycle trough the implements to get the correct views especially if I have multiple implements chained…

    In this regard building dashboards for ETS2/ATS is a lot simpler. The button box remains the same regardless of the truck brand, only the dashboard itself changes to one similar to the real life one…

  4. Well first off, modders need to have all the "tools" from Giant. With FS19 they were released very late compared to previous titles, and it delayed, and hindered mod development, and releases for FS19 mods. We can only hope that this time around that Giant is more on-the-ball. Graphics wise from what I've seen in game play, I can't say I've noticed any improvement in graphics vehicle wise, in fact some things look cartoon-ish, but we have no idea where the game settings were, or whether they were on a console or a PC.

  5. so I will say this I'm disappointed that it looks like there will be other things to do other than harvesting crop and having animals. to me fs is a farming game not a distribution company. If that makes sense.

  6. It's a frustrating time for me. I cannot play FS without courseplay bottom line. So it all depends on when that mod comes out for 22, that's the day I buy the new game. Could be halfway through next year for all I know. Really sucks I would like to buy 22 the day it drops but the built in AI is so limited unless every field is a perfect square with lots of turning space on all sides it doesn't work for squat. And all perfectly square fields bore me to death.

  7. I really hope the logging mechanics in fs22 are better and not so glitchy with some better stock machines with the option to do contracts. The option to actually finance vehicles, equipment and machinery would be so amazing rather than either buying it in full price or leasing it and not owning it. Thats one thing that honestly frustrates me not being able to finance something and pay it off over time, one other thing would be nice is like sales and buying used things from a adjusting market like buy and sell being able to buy a used thing for cheaper rather than new and at full price.

  8. Not sure the graphics are going to improve that much. They will pretty much stay how they are I'm guessing. The problem with Giants is they aren't a AAA developer and becauses their game isn't a AAA title they need as big of an audience as they can get. This has been clear over the years with the different releases. The better the graphics, the more powerful machine you need, the lower purchases due to lots of customers being on lower spec machines. We can see this in the stone clearing part of the video. It's clear they still aren't using individual objects (yes I know this would cause a strain on even a big PC) and are instead just using the old trick of stone texture that is wiped once you "pick up" the stone. Other clues to this are their chat about their CGI intro, why they talked about that for so long when we all know its not in game graphics is beyond me. And then we continue to have the misleading image on the intro of FS19. The drawn graphic showing the fields in the distance with animals out in open fields. This never happened and was never in the game. It took modders to create this effect and not Giants.

  9. I really can not wait for this game when 22 releases 19 will be replaced to me its how I have done it since 15. I always play without mods first which I always do. Its a way for me to exsperiance the games core aspects

  10. Definitely going to be switching over, i am trying to get my hands on a new xbox first so i can enjoy the best of the best on my TV. Looking foward to putting some hours in on the American map and building a farm from scratch with little money.

  11. Im not biting the bullet on the game until I know how it will run, Im not upgrading my gaming tower for this game again for some years, how the maps are, different and new crops as I wont be interested in grapes, and many other things Ive noticed the last few games. I like the FS19 now and with most of the mods I have got which could have been incorporated into FS19. Slow the wait for my decision it will be.


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