We have a major mod problem in Farming Simulator 22


We have a major mod problem in Farming Simulator 22. The problem being able to find mods from the proper mod authors links. A new discord is looking to fill in that gap.

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The discord has modders, mappers and gamers who all share the same views in wanting to find the original download locations to mods from mod authors.

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  1. Just wondering if have been having problems with some mods like all the seed carts not following properly during autodrive or courseplay mine is not working properly do you have any solutions?

  2. man i dug myself down into a rabbit hole i just wanted to get umrv for fs22 now im pissed about the people who steal mods.ps if you know where i can get a conversion of umrv for fs22 that would be helpful.

  3. i have only downed mods that poeple like you, kluch and FS club have said are good mods and have used . Othere than i just dont look at them.

  4. I have limited myself to only download mods from the in-game modhub, credible Facebook groups, and Tyson Diniz modding directory and only original creators except in cases of clear permission from the original modder. No more mod-network for me

  5. They should do as in Arma where mods can be signed, than the original modder releases a signed mod but if any file is changed the signature is invalid as the signature is a combination of a private key and a checksum of the mod content

  6. I would want to caution everyone of this server. My discord account started getting hacked by a member of this group, something never happened before.
    Farmer Klein is a good dude though, please sub to his channel, but please stay away from the discord channel. It is rude, and rather toxic because a very few members.
    Sorry Klein.. just never before come across another allowing such toxic behavior, combined with trying to attack my discord account, me having to verify it by phone.
    Please, Farmer Klein, start a new own, because that one is not for the modders, nor players.First day on and someone trying to get my account hijacked, please.

  7. And to speak about submitting mods to giants, read the fine print as soon as you submit a mod to giants your work become there property. so many modder dont submit them becuase of that reason. and giant has made it almost impossible for someone to have legit mods on there mod hub.

  8. It also has to do with knowledge about the moddders,who they are and where you can find their mods.
    For example, someone is posting all kinds of fs 19 conversions, literally pages full and leaves the original modders in the credits, so you think it's ok.
    But when you check farm news, you can see that this modder is also working on them himself, so i don't think he gave permission for it.
    Also you mentioned somewhere that kingmods let's you go to the original mod link, but the converted mods from this person are also on this site, so then you still have a dodgy mod I think, even if you don't have bad intentions.
    And please don't forget the modding possibilities nowadays, Giants editor can convert mods automatically, so people do this without knowledge to make them log free or without thinking about the original modders and will post them as conversions to share, without bad intentions.
    So yes there is a problem, and this will never go away completely, but I think that there is an explosion in mods now because the game is still new and good mods take time.
    In the end quality mods will always win, i am sure of that.
    Maybe more streamers can add something on their discord, a specific section for modders and downloads, so there are better alternatives to go to

  9. Yukon Valley is famous for this. I found at least 3 unplayable versions before I found one where every feature worked, because the map had all the specific correct mods attached. The others were all "illegal" conversions.

    The map had mining features, and the ores / dirt couldn't be handled by the vanilla vehicles, so the vehicles too had a lot of trash to sort through mods that worked, being experimental.

  10. The Giants hub always seems slow to update. with a massive lag between seeing a mod hosted elsewhere and then turning up onto the GIants site. I do know they are not allowed to re-host a mod thats on giants onto other Modhubs, and saw a modder suffer for FS17 who had things ripped from the giants modhub to other thirdparty modhubs and then got penalised by giants.

    I have always maintained that since FS is a steam game on PC, that it shoudl use the steam workshop. But that means giants cannot control it or upload mods onto the console system.

  11. Cant Blame Giants at all they have there legit source and if they put stop to mods it would be like GTA5 all over again when you let modders do what they do this is what happens hate to say it. WHy its best to know who made the mod, where it came from, did they convert themselves, so its hard either way, i dont want Giants to take control then it will screw up the mods totally also.
    So many have private mods, some arent, like you said there aint a safe place to get it. Dont let Giants control it all or you wont have any name brand or special mods and maps. Also dont download from a 2nd rate site that is not known for carrying good mods. i convert but dont publish without talking to author give credit to modder but mention i converted it so they bring issues to me and not the modder himself.

  12. first of all very well said , but the fact you are on nml , shows giants have missed the plot chasing consul money putting them self on the block .
    if giants do not sort their cr ap out someone is going to make a new game , i paid for big deal package to support giants and if that first mod release was what i payed for , i am not happy.
    not one mod i will use .
    the main game is the problem giants don't put in the gear we all want , auto load and gps being the big laspes . most of us are exfarmers who want to play with the gear we did our farming with .
    all exfarmers have spent lots of time picking up bales .
    playing this game i want to do the easy jobs that's the boss's son got to stuff up

  13. one thing i have said in some modders facebook is that giants should push the idea of implementing steam workshop functionality for the game. i know that other platforms will not benefit from it, but at least on steam workshop a mod can be reported and they will have the author name linked to them, and it will auto-update when authors release a new version without the need of being constantly checking the website or facebook.
    Euro Truck simulator 2 got a boom in mods because of steam workshop, and some modders have moved from other websites to use workshop almost exclusive, and for the players is also good not only due the auto-update feature, but also the fact you can add the mod to your favorite list, create a collection of mods so you keep track of the ones you use most, etc.

  14. Sometimes "rehoster" is the only viable way to get hands on some of the mods without having to pay for a goddamn downloading site or spend 12 hours downloading a tiny file.
    But what moders and community really need to do is get together with Giants and make the Hub great again. You as a player shouldn't be needing to go to third party sites to download mods to the game.

  15. Well, that escalated quickly…

    Farm Simulator Mods & Links Rule #2: Respect the Modders and Mappers: No Unauthorized distribution of Mods / Maps.

    First: Why are that Discord linking to the Papa Smurf website for Courseplay and EnhancedVehicle? I doubt the Papa Smurf website is the official source for those mods.

    Secondly: This weekend's "surprise release" by Diniz Farms. I highly doubt it's authorized by SiiD and JHHG, considering DF is working closely with Custom Modding. Still, the Discord has links to it.

    Look, I'm not taking sides. I stay away from modder wars. However, Farm Simulator Mods & Links seems to be joining the current fight, taking Custom Modding's side by going against its own rules.

  16. Okay, I’m going to give my two cents and you can take it or leave it.

    First, every modder out is stealing property themselves! Unless they have a license from the manufacturer of the equipment they are modding they are stealing! Which is an actual crime! So calling out people who are stealing from people whom stole is actually kinda laughable!

    Next, too many of the modders are skirting the “can’t make money from the mod” by trying to get you to sign up and pay for other things then you get their mods. So again, the modders themselves are trying to beat the Giants system and rules. Again, putting them in the same morality box as those people you are talking about reposting.

    Discord is a joke! And I would be willing to bet most players don’t get on there. So trying to create something on there will never work or even come close to fixing this so called “problem” because most people don’t use it!

    Something else I have seen from all of the YouTubers lately is that y’all like to only promote your friends mods. There is no real source for pc mods anymore except to search the internet which then brings you to these “big bad download sites”.

    With all of the complaints out of the way. I enjoy the mods and to be honest probably wouldn’t play the game without them. I go to the Facebook pages of the modders that I know that I like their work. I search the net for other mods. Because this is really the only way to find new pc mods!

    So in my opinion, again not that it’s worth much, but I think what needs to happen is that Giants needs to begin to work with the modding community, maybe create log in account with Giants after they become a “trusted modder” and that Giants should allow early use of say Giants Editor so that these trusted modders can begin to convert their work to a new FS version months before release. I believe this would greatly reduce people trying to rush a conversion of someone else’s map.

  17. All my mods come from your recommendations, so i try to stay true to the original modders, they do us a great service which they don't have to, they could keep the mods for themselves, also when you download mods or anything from a shady site you might get what i call a pc std, so lets give the modders respect for what they do for us

  18. Well aside from mod pirates and their ilk, at least No Man's Land works ok for many of you. I cant get more than 2 hours on the map, then it gets stuck/freezes trying to save, ends up crashing the game and wipes the save completely. I dont have this issue on any other maps. Seems to happen the moment I start doing forestry, which is kind of VITAL when starting from scratch. I dont see any conflicts or errors. Its always after I cash in my first load of logs. Sucks because NML is a great map. One of my top 5.

  19. I've not yet purchased 22 as I was giving it time to settle I guess? Along with modders time as well, I'm glad I optioned to view this video, I find it great information and now I know where to look once I'm ready to pull the trigger on 22.

    I'm guessing the map you're currently on is no mans?

  20. Giants pooped the bed in this release it should have been pushed back. Game is not ready giants is not prepared. We all love new game but we want it to work properly. Whats best chespest but best or at least good. PC to start our gaming always been PS person but ps has taken away our side panel and Thats no fun what will they try to take away next. Anyway Im switching to PC any advise would be grate.

  21. even with this problem, and the massive amount of mods, i cant find a mod t hat allows my workers to collect digestate from the biogas plant, like they can slurry with barns… why am i the only one thinking this is a problem?

  22. The best way to fix the problem is to block all mods NOT posted on the giants Mod hub. I play on both Playstation5 and PC and will not download any mod not on the giants mod hub.I downloaded a mod on FS15 from a mod site and ended up having to delete FS15 and re install windows 7.

  23. People are lazy. That's the issue in a nut shell. They don't care about the modders or the game or anything they just want to go to one site that has all the mods and that's it.

  24. one you missed is that some of these rogue sites also try to download or run scripts from their web page to install unwanted and/or virus software, sometimes even embedded into the mod itself.

  25. Unless you play on Xbox then every vanilla equipment is completely garbage and can't get any decent mods on Xbox bought this game day it came out and it's so bad that I've literally played it less then 3hrs if giants software work put decent equipment on fs22 then wouldn't have to have a bunch of mods fs22 is the worst game they have made if I could get my money back I would

  26. We all want mods but if you want good mods you gotta wait. All these people desperate for all the mods should wait 6 months after a game release to buy it instead of being a bunch of b******d and making it bad for every1 else. Whats every1 gonna do when modders say screw it and keep all private


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