WAS IT WORTH IT? FIRST POTATO HARVEST | Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron | Episode 75


Welcome back to my first Farming Simulator 22 let’s play on Haut-Beyleron

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  1. A bit late to the episode, but you were asking about the train! each one of those containers that trail behind the locomotive are called train cars. I mentioned this in case you were still looking for an answer. Loved the video though!

  2. On Calmsden Farm I vote for cutting the grass in the sheep field. Just be careful that you don't make lamb chops. Also I have watched the entire series on Haut Beyeron. Thanks for extending beyond 100 episodes!

  3. Just a thought but the modeling of 3D veggies would add a lot of polygons and texture to the overall images which could slow down the frame rates in a slower computer and only add a minor detail. When faster more powerful graphic cards become the norm they could probably look into it.

  4. Thats why you put the clock on real time when youre doing something like potatoes or sugar beet, so youre not spending a fortune paying by the hour.

  5. Two things I'd like for the game to get in that regard:
    Slightly better payment for contracts to make a contractor career more interesting/viable
    Slightly more reasonable normal renting costs
    The option to ACTUALLY lease a machine as in: pay for it over time like irl leasing works. Of course with a higher total than just buying it straight, but that would make it so much easier to expand. It would be at great risk, after all you have to make the payments, butit would give us lots more options with bigger machines, especially the harvesters.

  6. Yes, the fact the lease price is high, potatoes are tedious, and they don't contribute into my empire are reasons I don't grow them. Well, that and I bought/planted 6 potato fields that all ripened at the same time, burned me out lol. Now, if I could make vodka with them…

  7. I believe that rental price is very appropriate considering it's 500,000 to purchase 45,000 rental is extremely well priced in my opinion. Love the hard work you put in on this series please keep up the great work! 🤙😁🤙

  8. For trains the front is usually called the locamotive or the engine. The things being pulled/pushed are called carriages/coaches when people are on board (including luggage). For cargo they are called cars. You can also see the signalling on the train line in fs22 and the US map has a US style locomotive and the European maps have a European style locomotive.

  9. Well, if you consider the high crop prices on easy mode, the rent prices for the machines make sense. I mean, fertilizer and seed are pretty costly too (compared to real life prices).

  10. Mr Daggerwin I have a winning lottery ticket for 500 million and I would give it to you play with cause we all seen grandpas farm and uncles and you being poor so I just thot you can use it cause I made a lot on my farm I fell asleep with the signs on I forgot to take out

  11. Was there a lot of potatoes still left in the ground at the top of the field? What about the other potato fields for some extra income and better use of the hour of time of rental?


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