Vicon FastBale – Non-Stop round baling | Mod Review | Farming Simulator 22


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The Vicon Fastbale is back. A favorite of many in Farming Simulator 19 after the Vicon DLC and now its available for everyone on Farming Simulator 22.

Price: 110.000 €
Required power: 150 hp
Max. working speed: 17 kph
Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer VICON
Category Balers
Author GIANTS Software
Size 22.62 MB
Released 06.12.2021
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS

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  1. This does not work well with a row of 14.4 (KUHN Windrower), its speed is about 2-3 MPH on a fully fertilized grass field & not even rolled yet. Using a tractor with 900 HP (also tested with about 500HP non mod ones). Shame as it seemed to be just what I wanted, if they removed about the last 4-5 wraps it might keep up to a average field speed, but with it picking up and wrapping at the same time is really bad. But this was my best solution so far.

    But what does work slightly better is the mower setup ( VICON Extra 7100T and VICON EXTRA 732 FT, it makes a windrow that I can get about 5 MPH to 6 MPH usually.

  2. It's very useful, but I can't decide if pick it or not. I made about 56 of 150 cm bales. With the fastbale, I would do 88 of 125 bales and I don't have enough space to store them. 😅

  3. I wish you could wrap 180cm bales on a 2 in one.
    Right now I make the bales and wrap them with a stationary wrapper… it’s time consuming.

  4. Sir, this video is nearly perfect and I'm mechanical dynamics engineer playing this game, so my requirements are high. If you would like to have this movie perfect, you would play briefly this: If Giants would like to be perfect, there must have been animation of the pre-pressed bale volume comming from pre-chamber to main chamber which is apparently completely missing. But fair job done!

  5. As others have said, going 2-3mph and 125 bales sure did not add up to a time saver to me. My rows aren't straight enough for this to make it an afk activity. I bought it today and sold it back after one field. Going to keep using the one that bales and wraps 150's at 10mph. You only have to stop for like 1.5 seconds to let the bale hit the wrapper, not for it to be fully wrapped.

  6. i would easily pay £20 for this baler alone its a game changer and was gutted it wasnt in for the release i nearly fell of my chair when i seen it in the modhub what a relief.

    thanks for adding it back Giants ! now if we can just get the big buds and the borgault dlc and the seedhawk air carts that will be like a early christmas for sure i miss the big buds and the borgault I would say the borgault and the pack the fast baler came in was the best dlc they have ever made.

  7. You are incorrect stating that it is the fastest round baler. It is by far much EASIER to use than any other round baler, however the Pottinger 150cm Round Baler/Wrapper will definitely beat this out on 10m swaths from full fert planted grass. Once the round baler hits its pickup target speed due to the size of the swath, it becomes inefficient. Yes, you will never have to stop, but 10m full fert swaths will limit your speed to 4-5mph, where the Pottinger 150cm Baler/Wrapper will continue at 10-11mph, then you stop for several seconds and continue. Its a PITA, my right foot is KILLING me from all the stopping/starting, but it is faster. The simple reason its faster is the bale size, even without a pre-chamber.

    People have already started to use the "fast bale tech" in this mod to make bigger fast balers. I downloaded one for the Pottinger 150cm. I was baling/wrapping at 7-8mph, faster than the 125cm Fast Baler. I tweaked the mod XML file, and I can get it to go at a 9-10mph…I noticed that the bale was wrapped and dropped while the prechamber was still only 50-60% full, so it could indeed drive faster. Now its dropping the wrapped bale while the prechamber is at 95% – however that is for a swath of 10m wide, full fert, no attempts of mulching or soil/field rolling for 5% bonues (still not convinced that works on grass, but I might try as I am getting consistently 203-204 5500L bales on Elm Creek fields 32-33-34 merged, for the past 3 full cut). If I get any more yield out of the swaths, then it simply won't work and I will either lose grass or not pickup, or it will slow down. And the mod I made will cause problems for 125cm wrapped bales (drives too fast), but I don't use tiny bales…

    As well, you should do a mod review on the New Kverneland 10.2m mower. It swaths beautifully (IIRC, it had a slightly wider swath in FS19, making it a pain to bale, but now its just a tightly packed as the Krone BigM450 swath). higher HP requirements of the rear mower (due to the swathing). This plus a tractor capable of running it would be about the same price of the BigM450, however you can use that tractor for field work. The conns are you lose 1-2mph of speed, and cutting/swathing while turning, especially sharp turns, you will miss some grass, whereas the BigM450 is the master of sharp turn cutting/swathing.


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