Using the BioGas Plants in Farming Simulator 22


BioGas plants are a staple of the Farming Simulator franchise and players can have a love them or hate them relationship with them. This video goes over the ins and outs of the three placeable biogas plants that come in Farming Simulator 22 as well as an example of an in game biogas plant. What do they take, how do they work and what outputs do they make.

We also explore how to make cut sugarbeets as well as the use of belts and augers to fill the BGA’s.

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  1. Is there a way to quickly sell your silage in biogas. In our case we got 2.000.000 silage and it takes so long to process that. We got around 12k per day. We would like to sell all the stuff in a few days, so we can buy new equipment.

  2. Ran a quick test. On Normal settings the money per 1,000L of silage came out to 509. On Easy the price per 1,000L came to 863. Now on easy I usually try to sell at 600 a L. Meaning that would be a profit of 250 per 1,000L Based on how fast the BGA can processes, it would be 29 months before I started to make a profit over that 1.5m investment of the BGA. On normal it would be 73 months before I started to make a profit on the 1.5m investment of the BGA. You could probably bring that number down allot if you also did slurry, manure and sugarbeets at the same time.

  3. Can you show where to drop silage bales off at for sale? The only way I can sell them right now is dropping them close to the big green bins, and manually dropping them in with a telehandler.

    Yet it seemed like when I dropped them off for a contract, they just had to be close to the bins to sell. I’m also on Elm as well

  4. my ingame biogas plant in erlengrat is much smaller, but there is no way of knowing the KWH?
    also in the price list the ingame biogas plant has a selling point for silage it says, but where is this, and do the bought ones also come with a selling point?

  5. question: Is it actually worth it to do the production vs just taking silage to the unowned map biogas plant and getting instantly paid? I would hope there is some financial benefit to doing your own production biogas

  6. FS22 doesn't impress me. I find myself longing for my FS 19 maps and mods. I know that modders will fix and add to the game, but I hate having to expect someone to fix things that a $50 game should have in its base game.

  7. Erlengrat unfortunately doesn't allow you to offload the trailers and you have to use the front loaders to drop them to the container (or belts I guess, if you can use them with bales). Additionally it seems broken, not accepting an input and also over-completing the contract with just one bale that you can scoop out at the end of the process …


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