Using submarine to help police find abandoned car in lake | Farming Simulator 22


The police had us build them a submarine to go under water and search the lake for an abandoned car! We load up the boat and drive to the lake to help the police. We find a cave, trash and much more. Do we find the abandoned car?

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  1. hi guys! i so so so love you're vids! 🙂 i have an idea for another one too. how about a wood chipper video! aaaaand………… can you put some logs in the lake where the sharks are? that would be soo cool!!!!!!! pour them on the sharks! HA HA 🙂 love from Amarica

  2. We can get the girls to see what we are looking like in our backyard or we could meet at our own table in front row with the other guys on Saturday or Friday we will see the kids at church

  3. Good job the cops will be impressed funny how it takes 2 tractor to lift 1 submarine. Oh btw can you guys please play the Ml farmer map thank you keep up the good work.


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