“UMBREON VALLEY“ FS22 MAP TOUR! NEW MOD MAP | Farming Simulator 22 (Review) PS5.


“UMBREON VALLEY“ FS22 MAP TOUR! NEW MOD MAP | Farming Simulator 22 (Review) PS5. Map by: Gamer Designs. New to Console! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

Apologies for the quietness of my mic. I’m trying out a new headset!! Unsuccessfully!

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  1. I waited to get fs22. Hoping that the updates needed to play without mass issues would have completed by now. That’s not the case. Wood sell points fill up? What? In one game-day the sell point filled, and by the end of the next game day I was able to sell ONE more tree before the sale point filled again….. not acceptable. One tree… on a map designed for logging… I’m done. Fs15 through to fs22… $150 for a game that I can’t play. And now….. won’t play. I’m tired of fighting to play a game that can’t do it’s own base game tasks. I got a frontier map so that I can frontier. 3 trees cut with a chains saw, hauled in a pickup, and then told “no, can’t sell no more wood here…. THERES NOTHING ELSE TO GROW/SELL. It’s a frontier map! How is this not fixed yet? Mar 14th and the base game stuff still hasn’t been fixed. I can only take so much giants! If I can’t sell the product that the map is designed to produce…. Then why would I play your game? Straw that broke the camels back after 10 years of frustration trying to love a game that no longer cares.

  2. The big building that has Umbreon Valley written on it is not usable or am I missing something? Can't delete it either. Figured I'd give it a go now that it updated.

  3. Hi everyone, I’m pretty new to Fs games and just got the new Xbox but am I doing something wrong because I can’t find this map, thought it would be downloaded automatically like the rest of the new maps, would love some advice, thank you.

  4. Mr Sealp once again another great map tour this one I believe would be a great let’s play for you to do you did a similar one on fs19 and I enjoyed it a great deal it would be great to see what you could do on this map. Just a suggestion I know you got a lot to do.

  5. Thanks for the awesome review! Without these reviews modders like myself can only catch so much! I appreciate you pointing things you noticed and giving advice! The creek and rocks was just a simple overlook error on my behalf! The collectables I actually had to remove due to trademark issues, i simply forgot to remove it from the desc. Hope to have an update out by the weekend 🙂

  6. This is a really nice looking map, lots of good forestry but also a decent amount of room to set up fields and do some farming too! Cheers for the tour, MrSealyP!

  7. This looks like a good test map for mods/tractor units with some of the inclines. Kind of wish the Oshkosh makes a return as that was one tractor unit which stood out on the incline on Sussex farms.

  8. Thinking the boys are gunna like this map better than the Chainsaw Valley map. Dunno if I'm gunna tell them about this one cuz we're just getting ourselves established on Chainsaw Valley, just about to start actually making a profit.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I had a hard time hearing you for at least half of the tour. I'm pretty sure I got the important stuff though. Sounds like maybe you got a new mic or something? But still, good map tour!
    Gracias Amigo

  9. This is a brilliant map! And with the improved logging physics (yes, some tweaks are still needed), I am really enjoying logging so far! And tons of scope for placeables – after a bit of hard work clearing.

    I had the small log trailer with about 2.5 trees worth on it, pulled by a 150hp tractor and going up the hills, it was slow going, but definitely part of the challenge!

  10. I LOVE forestry but also love it with farming….hope more combination maps will come out. Wish the truck had been quieter as I really struggled to hear anything you were saying while driving. I think I got about 75% of it anyway. 🙂 LOVE your vids…. Thank you!!!


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