TRYING ON THE TRION | Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron | Episode 60


Welcome back to my first Farming Simulator 22 let’s play on Haut-Beyleron

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  1. Down by the boat docks or you found the bread on the boat There's a building with 2 kayaks leaning against it there is a collectible between is a collectible between them kay

  2. As far as collectables. When you were at the spinnery and looking down to your field you were able to see the location of one, nearby. Also when you were looking along the shore just past the bakery you were inches from one…How about a "Little" boating

  3. If you get a bigger cow shed buy the manure pit and the smallest muck spreader, you can use it on the vineyard and groves, barely uses any muck either could probs do olives and grapes in one load

  4. I believe that theres a collectable on the old arcade machine at the farm shop and theres one you was close to by the wooden boats on the river look for a pair of inflatable boats leaning on a building 😊

  5. Daggerwin,
    Great video again.
    Got the locations from the internet;
    Latitude Longitude are added.

    In the bushes on the island by the grain mill, just follow the path. (202-1265)

    In a cave under the castle. (1250-955)

    At a boathouse near the landing place between two inflatable boats. (1030-1015)

    Above left of the flour mill on a railway bridge. (751-874)

    At the end of the stairs in the left mountain tower. (1292-922)

    On the sun terrace behind the ladder by the bakery. (1140-982)

    Hidden behind a lantern in the middle ruin on the right by the castle. (1350-910)

    Next to field 18, on the left in the lookout tower. (1275-693)

    Below the pigeon loft to the left of the spinning mill. (1570-810)

    On the ruined archway to the left of the sawmill. (1230-188)

    On the left between the two bay windows above the corn mill. (850-1045)

    On a wall to the left of field 5 (90- 820)

    At the game machine of Le Jardin Des Fermiers, south. (582-369)

    On the catapult above the merchant. (158-940)

    Behind the gate to the Chess Tournament car park, next to a tree. (570-177)

    Behind a bench of the viewing platform between the cheese factory and the bakery. (1222-1055)

    Behind the small hut next to the observatory (130-70)

    On an olive tree by the plantation at the top right of the merchant. (1755-950)

    Next to a tree on the headland near field 32, at the lowest end. (1080-1350)

    In a hollow of the rock in the forest to the right of field 47. (1415-1890)
    Can get you the new machines. 👍

  6. In my experience, when I lease vehicles and put a decent amount of wear and tear on them, they come onto the used vehicle sale within a couple days. Keep an eye out for that Trion when you're done with it. Also.. you can save some clicks by using "set destination" rather than GoTo. It does the same thing… and if you do go to looping, keep in mind the trailer will not move unless it's full, so it will sit there draining your money until it's ready. So I'd advise against looping, unless you're ready to cancel the job just as they get there to save your monies.

  7. You still need to expend the grapes will make a lot more out of them also should bye the field near your farm and make as grass and also get some big sheep pens sheep are so cheap to look after and cloths are worth a lot of money


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