TREE GROWTH TEST – Farming Simulator 22


This video will test how long it takes each of the 12 available tree types in Farming Simulator 22 to grow.

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  1. When i was planting lots of trees the game told me to cut some trees before allowing me to plant more. I had only the statistics page available that said 850 trees planted and 280 trees cut.
    The cut trees were partly on the map already. I am not sure where the limit comes from (all the trees on the map or just those that i planted).

  2. it would be perfect if you combine with how much wood you can get per tree. calculating the wood per month, for example spruce tree will get you 8000 liters and spruce take 24 months to grow that means spruce is 333,3/month. this data would be very useful for doing the carpentry.

  3. Wow, this one was a surprise to me. I saw another video by a content provider who I respect that gave vastly different results in at least several instances. Since I trust both of you, the only thing I can think of is one must have been pre patch and one post.

  4. Here is some more facts for u.
    Tu for the very good information and videos u spend time making.
    I went on French map. Behind the sawmill and carp shops is a little forest. I took a front end loader and chainsaw to that area. ( I have tried machinery in there, and it keeps coming up will not work) I cut down a full grown oak,spuce and pine. I didn't make any more cuts on them. I took the full tree to the sawmill and sold it.
    Oak 1275 to 1375 per whole tree
    Spruce 725 to 825
    Pine 625 to 675
    That's in us dollars
    Forestry needs a redo in prices
    I can go do the worst contract or crop and get a lot more

  5. It surprises me that Oak grow that quickly. That should take the most time of all, no? And by the way speaking of harvesting, I understand the harvester can cut only straight and even not too thick trees. That's how they work but, even if cut by chainsaw, all branchy trees like oak have an unforgivable physical body shape when you try to put them on a forwarder or a trailer. The cutdown branches have absolutely wrong physical shapes compared to their visual shapes. And completely wrong weight. In some cases a small chunk of wood can weight around 800 kilos according to the game. So this is halfway done work. I understand this game is not mainly about forestry but since it's a thing in the game, and even got improved by adding all these species, in this stage they're mostly unplayable. Still only pine and spruce are the normally playable trees because their shape is simple. I would hope for some improvements in terms of this, but I actually doubt that it's easy to fix now. Who knows… maybe…

  6. Farmer Cop, thanks for all your videos they are great. Very informative and love watching your new survival series at no mans land. Pull some strings with Goants and see if you can’t get sugarcane fixed for me! Haha.

  7. Just for clarification. Tree growth time is in days in the files, so depending on how many days someone chooses the months to be they may see a difference in growth time. If someone plays with 28 day months they may have a tree not reach full growth untill the end of a month even though they planted it at the beginning of a month. Someone that plays with one day months will see the change the same day/month that the growth period takes in months.


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