Top 5 Ways To Get Money Fast In Farming Simulator 22!

These are 5 ways I use to make fast money for Let’s Plays or off screen play. I like to make money fast and have it now, rather than wait and make money over time. So if you are like me, this should help you!
If you have any money making ways you like to use or other ideas for a Top 5 Video, let me know down in the comments section!

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  1. I think the amount you can loan depends on the value of the farmlands you own. The higher the value of your owned lands the more you can loan. At least, that’s how it was in FS19.

  2. Only complaint so far….is base game tractors are not fully customizable.
    🚜 Best Advise….
    DONT FIELD FLIP, it's almost completely counter productive.
    NO NEED FOR ROLLING, it only increases your field yield by 3% 95% to 98% waste of time and money.
    INSTEAD…make sure it's on easy mode, fast forward time from 1 season to the next set with just 1 day to do so. Start with with 8 large greenhouses selling strawberries🍓, sell about everything else except big red barn, buy 1 or 2 new fields just south of your farm, don't have anymore than 2 tractors, and a semi with wilson trailer, liquid fertilizer sprayer, mid range seeder, lease a harvester. Always try to buy what u can afford and look for discounted offers often. I got a case IH 470hp for 60% off. Always continue to go large fast and upgrade.
    Have weeds, cultivating, lime rocks etc. Turned off in settings. These are all just unnecessary steps.

  3. I have an extra tip for the field flipping. After you’ve sold the land back then you’ll see a contract for that exact field shortly after. If you do the contracts for them (I think you only have to do seeding/planting) then the crop will be there during harvest season. That way you’re getting paid to cultivate, fertilize, plant and weed/spray AND you get to keep the harvest for yourself. Sound like a good deal to me!

  4. Quickest way…start a multiplayer map. Start your main farm..start a 2nd farm..give the cash from the 2nd farm to your main…1.5 million. Rejoin the main farm again. Delete the 2nd farm…you can repeat this as many times as you like. You can always reload your game in single player or online mode if you want. It will save your money. So easy my 9 year old can do it

  5. i startend a game on a friends account. sold Everything excerpt the house. took the max loan and bought a big windmill, went to sleep at the house until i could buy the the medium sized windmill. slept again and just kept going. with in four hours i make 1,5 milion per day

  6. Question for u DJ
    The leasing of equipment
    They have base price, day price and hourly. If u are running one day months.( the game considered 28 days to a month) 1 hour and 16 minutes 33 seconds would be the time for one in a one day month. So if u are leasing equipment, and go do 1 hour and 16 minutes in game time on a one day month. That considered one day of leasing????
    Tu for your help mate

  7. I'm playing on the elm creek map. Everytime I try to harvest potatoes it stops counting what I harvest. It will keep harvesting but if I complete the field it won't say I completed the contract

  8. Can someone please tell me what the little pile of rocks with a yellow thing in the middle does???? It has a yellow pole next to it and if you want to buy Field 52, it appear that it can’t be demolished.

  9. The multiplayer cheat is easier than that……if u make new farms just join those farms and transfer the mony from each farm to the home farm..u dont have to save and exit the game


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