TOP 10 TIPS FOR BEGINNERS – Farming Simulator 22


How do you start off in a game that has SO much going on? Follow these 10 tips to get you rolling into a profitable farm!

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  1. I got fs22 yesterday (played fs17 and had fs19 so know how to play) and when playing today funny thing was it got that case harvester for 411k only because the header was like 70% off in the used stuff tab :DDDyesterday yesterday

  2. As a new player, I actually liked playing with seasons turned on because I felt like it gave me built-in structure for when I was "supposed" to do certain things. Like, "Okay, now it is harvest season" or "Now it is winter, time to make sure all my equipment is repaired" etc. Greenhouses can also be a good way to start bringing in some low-effort income as well, and a lot of my field equipment is sponsored straight from greenhouse profits.

  3. Good video. I would only make one argument. Tip 9. I wouldn't turn off any of the field prep except maybe the stone. I recall going super easy in FS17 (my first FS title) and then later, much later, started adding field prep back in. This is a significant change in the game. Now there's plowing to do, I need a plow. Now I have to fertilize more often, I need a fertilizer. So, making the game super simple to begin with doesn't always pay dividends in the end. Crop destruction, seasons, wilting (if it can turned off) should definitely be disabled for a time while the feel for the game becomes more natural.

  4. My tip is to get enough no work money generators like wind/solar on your farm to cover the base property and equipment costs, so that way you can stock up on your products and diversify your crops without having to worry about going broke while you wait for a good deal. Sell Price Trigger is a good mod to tell you when a good time to sell is without having to have an excel spreadsheet.
    You really only need one or two tractors and your basic tools, things like combines that you only use once a harvest really can be leased without a huge hit to your bottom line, it's better to buy land than it is to buy equipment.

  5. I know nothing about farming and decided to try this game out.
    Started on normal and it felt like they had given me a hammer and said "now go and build a city", i have no idea of what to do or where to start.

  6. Hi, I'm brand new to the FS franchise and have been really enjoying the game! But after my very first day of working my three fields as the "tutorial/guide" explained, including selling my wheat, it turned night time and the "?" on my porch lit up blue and indicated I could go to sleep now. When I click "R" to go to sleep, a window pops up and tells me I'm not tired enough… I tried this around 8PM, 10PM, 1AM. Additionally, the little field next to my house (right-side) has been seeded with canola (selling the best at the moment and is in season, August atm) but the tutorial keeps telling me I need to cultivate the field even after following the tutorial and doing all of that initially, it will not permit me to continue. What am I doing wrong please and thank you kindly!

    PS: I've now started over with a brand new fresh game without the tutorial so I can try again.

  7. Go big or go home. First time buy this game but i played so many farming games over the years. Including very first harvest moon to last one. Loved fs19 the most, so diffently going go big and skip baby steps.

  8. I don't know about a PC but PlayStation has a limit on how much space you use up for mods. I think it's 8400 mb or close to it, they have a "counter" on how much you do have so if you're maxed out, you have to delete some to make space for what new stuff you want.

  9. Another tip I had this problem with 19 I got bored because I wasn’t growing fast enough in my opinion but once you hit a certain point you grow very fast so just keep going you’ll get to where you want to be eventually And when I figured that out I liked the game so much that I pre-ordered 22 and it’s one of my favorite games

  10. Do bees…no feeding and helps crop bonuses. Sell the honey which is free.I got 96 grand from 1 load on fladbed
    Easy peasy..sell main house set up trailer n plow all the land which can b planted for more yield.
    Basic clean slat from get go.just a way I started.made 1 Hugh ass field out of the 4 on land.peace.

  11. I’m so lost trying to play. I’ve been watch FC and finally decided to buy this game because I fell in love with it but….I have no idea what to do. The tutorial isn’t much help. Can someone point me in a direction?

  12. Take as big as loan as you can, buy out as much land, lease equipment till you can buy it, borrow vehicles from contracts but don't actually do them. Invest all in your own land


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