TOP 10 MODS OF THE WEEK – All Platforms – Farming Simulator 22


The top 10 mods for the week of 12/6 to 12/10 for all platforms.

Placeable Silos:

Buyable Small Square Bales:

Vicon EXTRA Pack:

Siloking TrailedLine System 1000+ 4535:

Vicon FastBale:

Amazone ZGB 6001:

New Holland TX 32:

Joskin Betimax RDS 6000:

Deutz-Fahr Series 9:

Great Plains YP-2425A:

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  1. The game is in need of an update imo. Still lots of bugs and issues and 2 weeks in and still nothing from devs. This is my first farm sim. Very fun, chill game to play. But I can't do any type of logging or contracts because they're bugged. And pallets constantly stuck in the ground. Animals " Escaping " Hopefully things get fixed soon.

  2. Love the mods… this game is so great.. I bought FS19 years ago, and felt too overwhelmed by it all to really play it. FS22 comes along and is a lil bit easier to play, but with help from YouTubers, I learned fast how to farm, now I'm a pro. Already spent over 60 hours of game time playing.

  3. Saturday night and my nerves have already begun for school on Monday. Last week bullies threw my clothes in the shower, pee'd on my bag and broke my glasses that my mom can't afford to replace right now. These videos give me so much escape to forget about the world for a while. Tysm!!

  4. Great mod review thanks man! I usually feel like I’m cheating by using most of these mods 😆….why do a lot of them cost way less than vanilla gear?? I like building up to more expensive kits with better options…The perfect example is that big beautiful great plains machine is like $90k less then its competitor??Why?? 🤣 Thanks for another great vid😁👍

  5. We need trucks to actually pull big trailers. Giants released a game that didn't even go through testing themselves. And they have the audacity to tell moders to go through testing?? 🤣 the company is a joke


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