This Windrower Is EPIC! (Calmsden Ep 13) | Farming Simulator 22


This Windrower Is EPIC! (Calmsden EP 13)
Let’s Play FS22 – Farming Simulator 22

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0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Episode 13
20:02 – Outro

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  1. There's another long skinny hidden field to the north-west of the "main" hidden field. I cleared 12 ish trees there and it works for glass really well. With the sheep paddock, pigs paddock, field 4 and these 2 hidden paddock I was getting over 600K of glass after fertilising – no cheats. I baled them all and was getting ~$940 per 240 bale. With the 32 bale trailer that was ~$30K per load. From 1 harvest I got ~$110K – 3 full loads and 1 half load. Alternatively turned one harvest into silage and selling that at the BGA – I think that was netting me ~$16K per day

  2. Not to be that guy dj, but you know you don't have to do swath dropping middle, with that front mount rake just go through and the rake should pick it all up for your bailer or loading wagon;)

  3. Sorry but I have to say this But I love watching the channel and keeping me informed on the newst mods but I don't watch any of the let's plays because of the way it's played He mods the game to either give himself tons of money so it's easier to get started or mods equipment to hold an unrealistic amount of something it just ruins it for me …so I'm not going to watch any of these let's plays but I will continue with the mod and news videos

  4. Grannie here 🙂 are you going to zip up your equipment for the rest of us? Where did you find your windrow trailer? Ole' ladies need to know 🙂 Great videos and love your voice!!

  5. Love your vids djgoham i love them but i really wish that i had a pc so i can edit my youtube vids but my mom wont get me one i ment a pc😀😎thanks for all of these vids they are great i love them so much also because im up to date on whats on cosles because i am baaned from my xbox for five weeks


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