THIS DIDN'T REALLY GO TO PLAN | Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron | Episode 62


Welcome back to my first Farming Simulator 22 let’s play on Haut-Beyleron

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  1. a bit too late.. but yes… you would benefit greatly from a 3070 (TI) or a 3080 (TI).. a 3060 isn't exactly a powerhouse these days.. it's just a shame that pricing is all kinds of screwed up

  2. So on the graphics card comment; depends on what resolution you want to play on. I saw you have a 3060, which is good for 1440p gaming. You can game on 4k with it, because of the amount of vram, but you'll bottleneck by the card's clock speed, memory bus width, etc.

    If you really want to game and stream/record at 4k, you can't go wrong with a 3080…if you can find one with a reasonable price tag…anyway, imo you don't need to upgrade so quickly. You're fine with what you currently have.

  3. Would love to see a PC spec video to see what you are running. But yeah the higher resolution is putting more strain on the gpu. Only problem is right now the gpu market is so expensive. You would be lucky to upgrade at msrp

  4. Defintely make sure its at a stable 60fps even though it might have been on higher settings before but i dont see much of a difference except it looking alot smoother.

  5. Long term investment would be having a separate computer with an Elgato capture card. If you offload the recording/streaming aspect to another computer then you should have no issues other then to simply run the game on your main machine.

  6. In the second half after the tweaks, the picture seems a lot more blurred and less detail watching in 1080p. High detail 1080p is better than low quality 4k. Starlink is pretty poor in much of the UK I was going to get it until I saw results from other users here.

  7. Proper diagnosis of graphics issues requires information on all relevant variables. The system and its spec in question, the game and its settings in question, and the the encoding settings involved in video. Lots of places frames and overall performance can be saved with minimal to no quality loss. Just asking "Is it my graphics card?" is not helpful, details, need details.

  8. If you have the means and the space, having a one pc record and one to play the game would probably allow you to run at much higher settings.

    Running the game at 4k max settings is not easy for any gpu, when you add recording while playing, the pc is going to really struggle.

  9. One thing I can say about graphics.

    I have a lot of issues on Haut Beyleron. Lag spikes, lock ups and for some reason the grape harvester crashes the game on occasion.

    These issues aren't present on Elmcreek.

    Maybe Beyleron isn't as optimized? I don't know.

    I run a GTX1660Ti which does generally well at 1440p and perfect at 1080p.

    At today's prices on cards, I'll be running in for a while because I refuse to pay a king's ransom for a new card.

    $600 or more for a $300 card is ridiculous. And then there is Nvidia's "new" RTX2060 that was going to save us all… Yeah… Where is it?

  10. It depends on what you have but if you are going to upgrade, i recomend the 3090 obviously but a 3080, 3070 ti, 3070, or even a 3060 ti would be great.
    (edit) the video does look more crips and the trees look much better

  11. its ok daggerwin sometimes i have to deal with no internet and 3g as i live in the country in australia. it is very poor. but sometimes it can be really good. lately it has b een the worst it has ever been. A town near us has 5g but we still have 3g. stay safe and well from australia

  12. If you would like to run fs 22 at 4k 60fps I would recommend a 3070ti or a 3080 but would also depend was cpu you have as if its a fairly old one you might need to upgrade that as well so you don't get any bottleneck issues

  13. A bit laggy to start with, but was better when you changed back. Get another GPU, but yeah starlink is pretty cool, even better down and up speeds than suburban Melbourne, Australia but that's not hard to beat to be fair.


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