THERE'S A COLD SNAP COMING! | Farming Simulator 22 – Haut-Beyleron | Episode 152


Welcome back to my first Farming Simulator 22 let’s play on Haut-Beyleron
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  1. You won't get more traction on snow with more wheels, quite the opposite. Scandinavian lorry drivers choose a liftable boggi wheel pair to concentrate the load on just the one to get up a hill. But if the load is too big to drive around long distances on one axle then they lower it again when they have cleared the tricky bit.

  2. Silly you can even cultivate in the winter, and in the snow. Ground should be frozen. Seasons in 22 is so bad. Snow dissapers instantly in 2 seconds, not even proper slippery to drive. Seasons in 19 snow melts gradually, as it should do.
    Tractor tires are not good in the snow. I need snow chains on mine (an MF 3060/65) to get around, and it got almost brand new wide tires on it and 4×4.

  3. Hi Daggerwin, really do enjoy your Haut Beyleron series. It has taught me so much. The trailer you use on the Scalia is it available on consol and if so can you send me a link. Keep up the excellent episodes

  4. Hi Daggerwin, please continue to episode 200. Also please take the maintenance more serious. After 25% degradation your horsepower starts dropping to max 40% loss.

  5. It depends on the graphics card you are using, As already mentioned below you have the fix if you have a RTX card, However if you have Nvidea and it still does it set to TAA there is another more complicated fix, Which involes you going into the Nvidea Control Panel. Manage 3D settings in the globel settings go down till you find Shader Cahce Size and set it to disabled if it is not already. That should also fix the flickering Issue. I hope that Helps you and any others who have the issue.

  6. It's kinda amazing, reading the comments, all these super text savvy peeps playing a game that isn't about D&D or GTA or COD, Halo etc. I'm not at all text savvy, just an ol county boy who grew up on a farm, but can't do the manual labor anymore due to too much manual labor and decades of bad decisions 🙃

  7. The flickering textures is most likely due to the seasonal thing that's programed into the game as it is constantly changing from one season to the next, especially when running one day months.
    It's kinda cool with the snow and a time lapse tho, kinda like having a farmers light show to go with the music

  8. I never get texture flickering unless I speed up time. I think that is also your issue. You are always playing at more than x1 time speed and I'm pretty sure that is what is causing the flickering.

  9. Yep – I get flickering textures. Even on 19 and 17 as well! the one livestock related issues I have still is the fact you can't move field with them- ie they can only live in one paddock.


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