The Western Wilds | Map Review | Farming Simulator 22


Start 0:00
Intro 0:22
PDA, Sell points, Starting land 3:11
Starting Equipment 10:55
Farm tour 12:01
Drive around 16:26 –

Welcome to The Western Wilds survival mode.

Do you have what it takes to design your own fields, create areas to raise livestock and build production chains.

No neighbours to stop your advancement or bog you down with contracts for field work, It’s just you and the wilderness

You have the ability to remove all trees, rocks. power lines and a water stream from the map to help aid in your discovery of your inner farmer.

There are 20 gold nuggets to find, go to the gold hut to see the clues where to look for the nuggets.

The map includes two sawmills, a limestone production plant and a BGA.
Also a gold production plant to aid in washing stones for gold then smelted to gold bullion.

Also I have added plow state to landscape ground painting textures!
PLEASE NOTE: that using this option to create fields will lose the ability to produce stones in those fields

You can also find two trailers for transporting methane under miscellaneous category.

I hope you enjoy this survival mode.
Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer None
Category Map
Author ALiEN JiM
Size 136.64 MB
Released 06.05.2022
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS

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  1. I am definitely going to have to try this map. Here's a general question Does anyone else notice the discrepency between Farmsim field sizes and real life? for example one of these sections is 6.94 HA which is about 18 acres. but it looks like about a 1/2 of a square mile section which would be 320 acres

  2. Anyone know how or where to report an issue with the map? I was playing on it last night and was trying to fix up the old farm abandoned farm, repairing the fences and I kept running in spots, typically on the west and south ends of the property where the fence couldn't be put down. Kept saying that it collides with an object…but there was nothing there.

    Had the same issue around where the silo is, I deleted it and was putting a new, working silo in place…there was a spot there that kept saying the same thing. Luckily with the silos, I can switch to free place and ignore it. Not so much with the fence..

    Any ideas?

  3. Nice Work Alien Jim congrats .. Problem is I dont have more game slots so this map is on hold. Also would be nice to see Spacticle Island map to on fs 22.Thanks FK for review.

  4. This looks like an awesome map. I always liked No Mans Land, but wished there was a little more life to it so I didn’t have to farm and decorate the whole map right off the bat. This should be a great addition to the AJ library of maps!

  5. I dont even own 22 yet, but this map is already top on my download list just watching the intro. AJ always have some cool strange things on his maps. Painting fields? Groundbreaking.

  6. Great video as always FK, Alien Jim you are like a fine wine, you definitely improve with age this is awesome, thanks for all your efforts guys. Definitely going to be my next map after I finished on Wanabee farms.

  7. I like how he put a gold nugget in the center of the slurry pit at the BGA so console players good luck in getting that one but pc players can fly over to get it. $50,000 per nugget and I stopped searching after I collected five nuggets. Love the map AJ and Thanks for all the hard work on this outstanding map.

  8. One suggestion I wish I could get to Jim is to have a way to get rid of all the little decorative sticks all over. I love the look as an abandoned farm but don't like them once you put gravel or concrete down and they're still there

  9. top right corner a gold nugget is just past the boarder cant reach it like its taunting you anyway to get it because the gold hut shows it as being there to collect ill have to watch this video later on my way out now so hope ya got a good way to get that thing or do we wait for update or is this a good joke by jim cause it would be a great joke i love this map i mean its great was so excited this morning spent 3 hours on the map and still havent found all the stuff you know he hid something on the map he is good at shocking ya


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