The Top 10 Features That Impressed Me In Farming Simulator 22


Off the back of our First play of FS22 today I thought I’d highlight The Top 10 Features That Impressed Me In Farming Simulator 22.

0:00 – Intro
0:51 – Graphical Improvements
1:51 – AI Workers
2:49 – New Textures
3:20 – New Maps
4:20 – New Model Details
5:10 – Seasons
6:16 – Build Mode
6:59 – Character Creation
7:53 – New Audio
9:12 – New UI Interface

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The Top 10 Features That Impressed Me In Farming Simulator 22

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  1. It's crap. It's completely unfinished and Giant should ashamed of submitting such wretched work. I'm running it on an i7 on the lowest graphics setting and the graphics crash when it freaking rains. It's an embarrassment.

  2. Great video @FSG… Now that I just finished up a couple of challenges, I can get plow deep into FS22 now. For the short time, I have played my favorite new improvements have to be the graphics, sound and can't forget the ability for cross platform. Thank you for all your hard working during release time. Have a good one 🙂

  3. Utterly unimpressed i was never going to buy this but stupidly i did now i regret it and have actually uninstalled it. While there are some awesome ideas in there they are poorly executed , some make no sense , the female characters seem to be more transgender than female, its cartoony, issues with the camera in build mode to name a few. i'm probably alone in this but i went back into fs19 after tinkering in 22 and found it a much more aesthetic and realistic environment, the graphics in fs22 are kooky and as someone else mentioned the huge improvements in FS22 have come straight from FS19 community mods… seasons, production chains have come from global company , greenhouses and of course the AI improvements is just courseplay ( actually the ability to send an AI in a vehicle to places on the map with a click i do like but when maps become more realistic how will they cope then i wonder) There are a lot of changes that are more subtle like a million differing bale sizes and capacities, lots more ground textures for seeding, cultivating etc which are almost impossible to distinguish from each other.

  4. From what I've seen the changes are more subtle than game changing.. it seems more like an update than a new game..

    I want to see big changes like
    1. Hiring contractors who come at an agreed time to do a job, whether its a transport company to deliver/receive goods. Or a fertiliser company to spread fert or lime on paddocks you allocate, or any other aspect of the game. (not just hire worker and bang they're straight into thr machine working 24/7)
    2. Propper Dairy farming, not just feed lots but cows in paddocks that graze on pasture and need to be moved down laneneways twice a day to and from the dairy/milking shed.
    3. Actual effects from seasons like MUD, wind damage, drought and it's effects.. I want to see things go wrong.. damage to machinery like blown hydraulic hoses that pop out of nowhere and waiting for a repair.

    4. Irrigation.. ordering water from my allocation and being able to either flood irrigate, put in and move sprinklers or even install pivot/linear Irrigation systems..

  5. Played it for 6 hours …switched back to fs19. Just not as good. Different doesn't make it better. It seems like a engine change, some texture maps and watered down versions of the stuff we already had. Not worth the money, unless the numbers on the box bother you.

  6. Sorry to be blunt with my opinion. But this fanbase has been living under a rock for the last 10 years..
    How the hell can you say that the graphics are good in 2021? I would call this really good back in 2010. Not in 2021 where any kid can download unreal engine 5 and create something that looks 10x better.
    Spintires. You know.. The game with amazing dirt physics. Was released in 2014!!! And here we are in 2021, and fs22 is boasting about parallax mapping… which is a feature introduced in 2001…
    Don't even get me started on the non-existent physics..

    When it comes to gameplay. It's 90% fs19 with a few mods..

    PLEASE stop promoting this lazy behavior from developers! These tiny upgrades from the previous games and then calling it new and selling it for FULL PRICE should not be acceptable!
    There's so much potential with the hardware we have these days. Both graphics and physics wise. Why settle for this long outdated game model when we can something way better?

  7. I have been looking forward to this game so much, fired it u yesterday finally only to instantly shut it down and refund. I was not impressed at all, it felt like I payed another €39.99 for FS19 again. The fact that they updated the straw swath, and grass really didn't do it for me at all.

  8. The ps4 version is hot garbage. We do not have the same settings and features as the ps5. We can't change our clothes in the game after creating a character we can't choose how many days for a season to last we can't have it fixed on 1 month there's no h shifter support and a few other things. Ps4 was done really dirty. I at least thought we would have the same features and settings as the ps5 and pc due to cross play besides the better graphics of course and the 3d look setting I expected that but did not expect this 😠

  9. I'm sure on your other videos you've mentioned the AI will keep learning the more you use it. Not sure where this idea has come from as its no a learning AI, it will just be basic way point AI and its questionable if it even classed as AI as so many companies use it just because its the latest buzz word. If you look up true AI, especially AI safety with Robert Miles, you'll see the funny things AI really does to win. If it was true learning AI it might decide because its goal reward is to plough a field, if it just deletes the field then it will have won as there are no longer any fields for it to plough.


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