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Old Stream Farm – Jan 26, 2022
Map Tour Plus Early Look – Farming Simulator 22

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  1. This map is nice, and definatly a better revamp to 22 than it was from 17 to 19 imo. The BSM i really do like is The Valley of the Old Farm, hope it comes to 22 with this standard of a revamp, didn't really like the revamp from 17 to 19. But might just be me.

  2. Hello guys I'm new to the farming simulator I would say I mean I have played it several years just the base game no mods anything. Trying to learn how to start moding and be able to do the cool shi* I see tall doing. Someone please help 🙏

  3. I have to say that the combines in the game can be 2 big sometimes I mean for this map the combines in the game are 2 big we need a vintage one for sure

  4. Fsclub I don't have to load up old steam farm 19 to know that this is a proper Remaster from the ground up! The cow barn inside has been expanded the train and production facilities are all new I'm quite happy with the early look pass along my thanks to the BSM team good work everyone


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