The Most Anticipated Map, Upper Mississippi River Valley is Coming to Farming Simulator 22


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This video is a preview for the Upper Mississippi River Valley (UMRV) map for Farming Simulator 22. This map was original done by DR Modding and is now being re-mastered for Farming Simulator 22 by DJ Modding.

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  1. it is nice to see that the first farm has working cattle pens. In the other versions, that barn was just for looks and useless. also, the grain bin setups look like something from fs13(don't @ me i said what i said). what other add-on mods will be in the map's mod pack?

  2. Wow, What else can I say, the review is amazing Klutch. I never even saw this map in such a beautiful way. Thanks so so much Klutch for such a great video and review.

    I appreciate that a lot Klutch.

  3. Awesome question though does it flood and do you or anyone have an idea of any maps for fs22 pc that flood. If I remember correctly it was this map and the michigan map. That made it even a bit more challenging to

  4. I get why they don’t upload to the mod hub but I shouldn’t have to go to shady websites with a Bit link with many misleading ads meant to give you viruses while that pays the creator for link clicks… 😬

  5. Come on Klutch, you can do better than that! What productions we have on the map, are you able to buy a pre-build farm and sell all the buildings to build your own, are there sell points for all the productions and is the map Platinium Expansion readdy, does it have any new crops?

  6. Oddly enough when the first version of this map came out I was working for a cropduster that was spraying around this area. I was staying in Prairie du Chien WI but traveled through McGregor almost every day working with the helicopters. It was pretty neat to see this come out while I was there.


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